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Craig 'CPL' Levers

Craig 'CPL' Levers is an international award winning photographer. In 2008 he started publishing books under the name Photo CPL Media, there have been 6 hardcover books published.

Before 2008 Craig was New Zealand Surfing Magazine's Editor'n'Chief for 8 years. He was the magazine's Senior Photographer for 15 years [1993-2008]. During this time the title reached all time readership and revenue heights.  Craig was a part of Surf Magazines' [worldwide] golden years.     

Photography remains Craig’s burning passion. He uses both analogue and digital cameras today. Craig still shoots surfing for leading surf brands and media. Follow @photocpl

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Ant Green

Ant Green is commercial photographer and filmmaker working in New Zealand and Australia, his work primarily focuses on people and their environment. Ant enjoys creating whether it is through the lines on paper, the lines through the lens, or the lines on the face of a wave.

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Reuben James

Reuben James is a family man through & through. He lives with his brood in the Wellington region with Foxton Beach as his backyard. He makes a living from crafting wedding films and shearing sheep. He loves to make furniture, surf, skate and last but not least, capture images from the ocean.

It all began mid 2014, after buying a 2nd hand water housing unit from a friend. After initial attempts shooting in the water, (with some great successes) he went back to living his life and nothing eventuated for a few months.  It wasn’t until he purchased a GoPro that his passion started to fire. Reuben feels that Ocean Photography is what he was born to do.  It's a chance for him to be creative and express himself artistically through a subject that’s forever changing.

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Greg Straight

Greg Straight's work is all around us. Carving out a clever niche of all things Kiwi, Greg has a playful yet bold style, and it’s gracing many corners of NZ. 

He began his creative life with fine arts. After graduating from Elam (majoring in painting). Greg fleshed out a few art prints in 2010 when that much adored kiwi flavour emerged, and he quickly gained momentum. 

Commercial illustration takes up a large amount of Greg’s talent these days, and he’s worked on many iconic NZ brands.

Following his move from the UK, aged 9, Greg discovered a love for the ocean and clicked with surfing. He grew up with a bunch of surfing friends on Auckland’s North Shore.

Nowadays, surfing is still Greg’s passion and his go-to when he needs to recharge. He loves to get amongst the elements, get away from everything and reflect. But most of all, he loves that feeling of riding on the waves, he rates it as the best feeling in the world that only surfers truly understand.

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Al Wrath

Al Wrath is a New Zealand-based artist, illustrator and muralist, who has drawn, painted and printed his signature quirky expressions of illustrative positivity on and across every conceivable and legally available surface. Allan boasts an enviable track record of commercial clients and commissions — all of whom were drawn to his idiosyncratic marriage of coolness and clear communication.

As a surfer and family man inspired by clean, simple living, Allan is well aligned to Friends of the Sea and his quirky hand-drawn style brings a fresh level of originality to the collection. Follow @allan.wrath

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